Poop … and how to get a prepaid sim card in India in under 10 hours

It began with cute straw huts strewn throughout the fields on our drive from Delhi to Agra. At first we thought maybe the local farmers lived in the huts.  Upon closer inspection some of these huts contained strange brown round discs. Over the past two days the piles of brown discs pop up in more places – on carts, stacked in geometric piles in people’s front yards, as tile on rooftops and in orderly lines up and down the roads. Finally it dawned on us … cow poop!  Good ole fashioned manure.  It is everywhere.  We are not sure if the herders sell it or if it is free for the plundering for those who “need” it.  Ram says it is used for cooking, we are thinking perhaps as fuel for the cook fires, rather than a local spice.


Regardless, the more piles of poop we see, in more places and more shapes, the more photos Josh takes.  I guess no matter how old he is, poop is still funny.

… and the sim card. After four days, three visits to the phone store, and help from a tour guide and a driver, we finally stumbled upon the answer to getting prepaid sim cards here. While approval of your passport at a store is long and complicated, they can verify your passport information and issue the sim card immediately at the airport … things we wish we’d known.

3 thoughts on “Poop … and how to get a prepaid sim card in India in under 10 hours

    • Can’t tell if its more impressionist, cubist or just found art, but the myriad displays of these poop tarts never cease to amaze me.

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