Wedding Cake, and Insights from Hyderabad Airport

Upon learning that it was our honeymoon, the servantile waiters at Vivanta Hotel in Aurangabad had one of the least delicious pineapple cakes we’ve ever tasted sent to our room. It was very sweet – they even lit a candle – and we mushed the fork around in it so it looked like we appreciated the culinary flop. Everything else at the hotel was delicious, though, and since we did not have a cake at our wedding, Josh took this first opportunity to smear the icing on my face.

pineapple cake

After a couple of days at the impressive 1500 year old caves of Aurangabad (one of which is is double the size of the Parthenian in Athens and involved scooping out an estimated 400,000 tons of rocks from a mountain side)

IMG_0643 IMG_0647 Photo Apr 09, 12 08 36 AM


… and a lovely stay at the Vivanta hotel, we boarded the plane for Hyderabad.

The airport toilets contained sage advice in every stall:

Hyderabad Toilet Wisdom

Hyderabad Toilet Wisdom

P1010613 P1010503

On a more frustrating note, the perils of being white (and even worse, American) in India are increasingly apparent. In the security line in Mumbai the personnel assisted no less than 5 women to elbow their way in front of me (I am interested in purchasing spiked shoulder pads should anyone know how to procure such things). And they would not sell a pack of gum to us for less than 150 rupees ($3).

But we have arrived to Vivek’s welcoming family, serendipitously on the Hindu New Year, and have been treated to our first warm taste of family life and cooking in India. And some normally priced gum 🙂

Aloha from Hyderabad.


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