Many Things Hidden Inside You

Our hotel offers complimentary yoga at 7am, and since my body still thinks it is 9pm at 7am, I pitter-pattered my way down to see how it compares to the Vinyasa that is so popular in the States (or at least in Texas).

The master, Lana, was from Nepal, and I was apparently the only guest who wanted to do yoga at 7am, so it felt a little more like karate kid, with my personal master revealing to me positions I wasn’t sure I was capable of (he got my legs behind my head for the first time since Jr High) and muscles I didn’t know I had (lotus – yes, it takes muscle to configure your legs like this).

Lotus Position

“This is your first time doing?” he asked after my surprise at his ability to negotiate my legs into this position without pain. “There are many things hidden within you”.

We warmed up with Hatha yoga, “the foundation of all Yoga styles”, and progressed to what I think he said was Sivananda yoga, which “combines postures, breathing, dietary restrictions, chanting, scriptural study, and meditation.” I’m a yoga newbie, but couldn’t much tell the difference between either of these and Vinyasa.

We are off to tour New and Old Delhi.